Abby and pupGINA POCKET GIRLTeacup - doll faceThis genuine animal lover, travelled all the way to SA  from  Dubai to collect this prize bundle of fluff. Sushi and Dad (sushi 19 weeks of age)Great canine heaters.  limited stock.My Yorkies that love to shop.OUR YORKIES have a wonderful, secure, PRIVATE GARDEN  of their very own. When we moved here 10 years ago, it was the first thing we did, develop this tranquil play area for the CHILDRENS safety.Kaylee pictured here with her new sister............Kaylee pictured here with her new sister............Lellabelle and her Mother.  Picture by Elsa JacobsLellabelle picture from Elsa Jacobs. Thank you Elsa.TOBEY my stunning little boy, nephew of Charm son of Bubbaloo.