Yorkies, Biewers in general
Different pics of different dogs and of different sizes etc.
PlaytimeMore playtimeGame timeTaboo Teacup girlDolly - pocket yorkie, not the tiny pocket, 1.6kgOur YORKIES OWN  private garden. Totally secured for their total safety. They can gain access into our home from this garden.Our YORKIES PRIVATE  garden - totally safe and secure. Playtime after the storm.Picture of a little yorkie owned and loved by Dean and KirstyMy yorkies own private GARDEN - safe and secure. Their choice whether they play outside or go indoors.Tyla will celebrate her tenth birthday next month - December, she has a sister Tinkerbelle who is 900gms. Both dogs have been unbelievably healthy all their lives. Tinkerbelle has been to the vet for spaying, inocs and her teeth. Tyla has been retired from breeding for a good few years now. She has also only ever been to the vet for spaying, inocs and teeth. Tyla has had some of the most stunning babies in her breeding career.Get off my case.Fighting fit.JAY - one of our home bred studs....  1.1kg. Jay - 1.1kg stud boy pic taken 26 December 2009