A letter received from SHANNON...............

PLEASE FOLK ..... watch out for your drain pipes, storm water drain , pools and koi ponds. All of these spell death to a tiny yorkie.....
Please take care...........
From: "Shannon
Sent: Wednesday, February 03, 2010 10:18 AM
> dear Joyce.
> last year your hubby helped us with regards to a labour issue we had
> at our company (we sent a heating pad to you for your yorkies) and my
> mom and i have been reading your monthly news letter that you e-mail
> us ever since.
> i have always found your site very informative and visit it at least
> once a week.
CHOU CHOU, pictured here with her owner SHANNON, Chou Chou bred by Lana Pieterse of Teglarani.

> in October last year, my parents ordered me my own adorable little
> yorkie pup. (my mom has a yorkie and i have always been gaga about them)
> i waited with baited breath until December the 11th when i could
> finally fetch my baby. the first time i laid eyes on her, i felt as
> if i had been given a piece of heaven to hold in my hands... we were
> inseparable from then on.
> my little chou-chou was an amazing part of my family. she brought joy
> to each and every person that met her. she truly was an angel.
> on Saturday the 30th of Jan... my angel grew wings and went to heaven
> to be with god...
> we have just moved into a new house and yorkie-proofed the garden as
> soon as we arrived... however, there was a tiny drain pipe that lead
> into our neighbors garden (unbeknown to us)

> chou-chou managed to squeeze herself through the pipe and got into
> their garden. they have a pool that is completely uncovered and my
> little angel fell in. i jumped over the wall, got her out of the pool
> and did CPR on her... but it was to late...
> my whole world has come crashing down around me and i feel lost
> without my baby....
> i know my baby is in heaven looking down on me and that one day... we
> will be together again...
> please warn people to check every inch of their garden (especially if
> they live in a complex) as a tiny little pipe left unnoticed, can
> cause complete devastation in the blink of an eye.
> i would never want any one to suffer the hurt that my family and i
> are going through.
> we have sealed the pipe now and i have checked my garden every day
> for any little hole, nook or cranny due to the fact that my mom often
> visits me with her little yorkie.
> i just wanted to share my story with you due to the fact that i have
> taken comfort in looking at your cute little yorkies on your gallery
> page and reading the stories posted on the rainbow bridge.
> although i no longer have my little angel, i will still visit your
> site every week.
> i thank you for the knowledge that you share and the time that you
> take to keep yorkie owners informed on the raising and care of these
> amazing little creatures.
> god bless you and all your yorkie babies.
> Shannon
> (i have attached a remembrance slide show of my chou-chou... she was
> amazing :-( )

Hi Shannon

I am so sorry - trust me I know what you and your family are going through. It can happen in a split second.  Koi ponds and pools are very dangerous.  Yesterday alone I had two calls from people telling me of their losses, both dogs drowned - in the last few weeks. Very sad. 

It sometimes happens even if you get the dog/pup out in time, if it has swallowed water,  that it  dies a few days later from the chemicals injuring the lungs. 

Thank you for sharing this very sad experience, hopefully it makes people just that little bit more cautious.

I will put your baby on the Rainbowbridge.


Thinking of you.

God Bless