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From: Bev
Sent: Friday, April 30, 2010 1:40 PM
Subject: Newsletter
Good afternoon.
I know I do not have one of your Yorkies but I feel like part of your family.
Thanks for the wonderful newsletter.  I look forward to reading all the information.  Reading this latest newsletter reminded me that a while back I emailed you about our new little girl whom we were told we could breed with.  I think you actually made mention of it in your newsletter.  When receiving her breeding papers we realised that there was a lot of inter-breeding.
My little girl Jasmine is now sterilized.  She is just amazing, she is a 3kg bundle of joy who is a character of note.
I don't recall if I told you about my little rescue male (Bennie) of 2kg whom we got just shortly after we had bought Jasmine.  He came from a breeding farm where he was with all the stud dogs.  He spent the first two weeks with us going around and around in a circle like he was caged and hid behind furniture and cupboards.  It was awful to watch.  They could not use or sell him because he had a deformed mouth as well as his front legs which are slightly bent (Inter-breeding????)   (I think they tried a few times to sell him, but he was returned to them).  The vet is not sure if his legs were broken and left to heal on their own or if he was born like that.
It took him six months to settle completely and to become steady on his legs.  The vet thinks that he was unsteady because he was fed a diet of rice and chicken and being in a cage did not get enough exercise to develop the muscles.  (I had a lot of fun getting him to eat dog chunks when I first got him).
He nows runs as fast as the other dogs and talks as loud as they do.  He is the biggest cuddler I know and is totally devoted to my husband.  He will even play and lick us now (this is after more than a year with us).  He is also not as frightened of visitors any more.  His best friend and play mate is Jasmine whom he now has the most energetic games with.
I suppose I could go on and on but I thought I would just share our wonderful success story with you.
We have 5 dogs (the biggest being a Ridgeback who is not yet a year), but I am already thinking of the next Yorkie to come into our home and hearts.  I just have to convince my husband!!!!
Yours in Loving our Yorkies
Bev C
Thanks for your mail.  Thank you for giving that little guy a second chance at life.  Really sad what some of these pups/dogs go through. He was one of the lucky one's. 
Your other information ........  An  eye opener for our readers.....