Do I qualify??????????


 Hi Joyce I am very interested in purchasing a small yorkie pup. My history, I have been brought up all my life with Yorkies, there was never a day that we did not have at least one yorkie in our home. My Mother bred two litters, but at the time of them having to leave home, it became such a problem, that my Dad stopped the breeding. We were all so traumatized to see the babies leave, that it was just not worth the pain and suffering to continue. The Breeding was many years ago, when I was a teenager. I am now 34 years of age – the reason I am writing to you – my Mom reckons I am not a suitable candidate for a tiny as you put it. She feels I was irresponsible as a kid with my pets, but I think she overlooks the fact that I am now 34 years of age.

 I am divorced, cannot have children of my own, would have no intention of ever adopting. If I were to marry again down the line, the man of choice would have to love my yorkie as if it were a child.

 I have been on the market for a yorkie pup for a couple of years now, seen many I have to admit, but never seen one that I knew immediately, this is the one. My Mom who has been with me on many an occasion to view the pups, thinks I am nuts. Keeps asking and what was wrong with those pups? I cannot answer that question, I have just not felt any pups I have been offered, were the right pup. I was not even sure myself what the right pup was until fairly recently. I did make contact with you, a few years ago about buying a pup then, but at that stage it was just out of interest, as I was still married at the time. I am now settled in my own townhouse, down the road from my Mother, so babysitting if needed at any stage is a block away. I have a wonderful job, a wonderful boss, who has agreed that should I adopt a yorkie, it will be no problem for the pup/dog to come to work with me. My Mother seems to think I am not a suitable candidate as I mentioned above and that I will not get your approval of owning one of your babies in the future….

 What information do you require from me? How do you actually decide who gets a tiny of yours and who does not? Price is no issue, as I have seen yorkie pups from low prices to high prices, but honestly did not feel as said above, they were THE pup.

 The reason I have decided (hopefully) that you are the Breeder of my future baby. I was at the vet the other day with my Mom whose one Yorkie needed booster shots, when a Lady walked in with a yorkie. I was besotted. This yorkie was in one of those bags, the bag was quite unique, in that it not only had a harness attachment (not a collar) and short lead attached to the bag, to secure the dog, but the bag also attached to the owners wrist making it impossible for anyone to snatch the bag and run. The yorkie in that bag, little head sticking out, was magnificent. The Lady came and sat beside us, as we were like kids at a candy store eyeing out this little yorkie. My Moms yorkie having also spotted the look-a-like, tail wagging madly. I have to wonder how a dog can recognise one of its own breed or do you think they just see another dog?

The little yorkie was also there for her annual booster, and when I saw that dog, I just knew that was what I was looking for. I was more than over the moon, when she told me you were the Breeder. My question again to you, do I qualify? I cannot wait for your reply. The owner of that little Yorkie told me I would be in for quite a wait – I will wait for however long it takes, if I can own such a delightful yorkie.

 Thank you so much. 

Janine L


 HI Janine

Thanks for your mail. How do you qualify? Well I do not send out questionnaires and work on a point system – so many points you pass, so many you fail. I advise people as per my site, what the tinies are all about. You either see yourself in that role or you do not. I am very careful who buys those babies of course. I trust that the people making those enquiries are honest with their answers to questions I may ask, are honest to themselves, you either can handle a tiny or you can’t. There is NO grey area. As mentioned repeatedly in various articles all over my site, THE TINY may as well be glued to its owner. 

People that I feel are not suited to a really small pup/dog.

People that are constantly here, there and everywhere. Away on holiday, now and in 6 weeks time again. People who talk about a backup system????? If and when they get a tiny, if they go away, the tiny can stay with X Y or Z… The tiny is attached to one person, they may very well love the entire family, but look to that one person, for everything. I see it here with my own dogs. The tinies will be with my husband, and he adores them and they know that only too well. If I up and leave the room, the eyes will follow me, and in no time, that dog/s has found me and is at my feet. If I go out of the bedroom at night to go to the kitchen, which happens numerous times, to fetch additional food for a baby, to warm a Snugglesafe, whatever, the tinies, will have their eyes glued to the door, the odd one will race after me if it gets to that stable door in time, before I close it. We have a stable type door in our bedroom leading into the passage and the rest of the house, reason for that, the Yorkies are contained and safe. If I visit the loo during the night, I have a whack of children on my heels. What I am saying – the children love and adore my Hubby but they see me as their number one. The small Yorkies need that number one in their lives at all times. I am honest and get irritated with some people insisting they are the perfect owner, when I feel differently. If I catch people lying to me which has happened in the past – the sale is cancelled, end of story.   

 I get a lot of people telling me to come and inspect their homes and property???? I trust that people who want to go to the lengths to own such a unique little dog, do not need me to INSPECT their property and homes and I feel that, that is a bit over the top. I would not want anyone to come and inspect my home and property to see if I was a suitable owner.

 I DO have a major issue with people who see this dog as an accessory, a fashion statement and something to brag with. I also believe some people are in LOVE with the idea of owning this baby without taking into consideration, what it takes to own – rear and raise this tiny. You are never let off the hook when it comes to having a tiny. Larger Yorkies, you can relax, and if something goes wrong, you have time to sort the problem, A tiny something goes wrong, you get to the vet. 

Yesterday, My Hubby and I were out, stopped off to have a coffee along the way. A passing shopper stopped and asked if I was not the YORKIE LADY???? I was quite surprised as I had a yorkie with me, but it was not visible to anyone. She had met me at a SPAR a good few years before and I had a basketful of tinies with me. (Prior to my having grand angels, that I cared for while parents were at work, my “Born to shop” Yorkies never stayed at home.) She went onto say her small yorkie had been diagnosed a couple of years back with a heart problem. Enlarged heart, takes up most of the chest cavity???? NOT MY BREEDING – her vet, who I know of, told her ALL small dogs, have health problems. Well I won’t go into detail what I said. TINIES if bred correctly are healthy tiny dogs.

I have refused to sell a yorkie to people in the past. One situation arose, when a KNOW IT ALL met me at a shopping centre with the intention of purchasing a small yorkie – not a teacup. Her attitude, her answers to my questions etc, made me snatch the pup from her hands and advise her that I felt she was not the right person to own one of my dogs. She threatened me of course. Did I have any idea who she was? Did I care? She had been referred to me by the Animal Anti-cruelty league. She went back to them the next day to complain, and lay a charge????? Their answer they were impressed that I removed the dog from her, I obviously did not consider her a suitable owner.

 Your question, do they recognise one of their own breed? I have never thought about that. I would imagine, they just see another dog… I do know however, that waterfowl (EXOTIC DUCKS) do recognise their own breed. We see that all the time. We have a good few various types, and amazingly when one loses a mate, and we get a replacement, in no time they are together, although the other bird may not necessarily have seen us introduce the new arrival to the bird area.

Janine I am sure at 34 years of age, you know exactly what you are all about, what you can handle etc, and if you feel confident that you will cope with a tiny dog, who am I to disagree. Feel free to contact me at any stage.