Extracts from our DECEMBER - Christmas Issue

Hi-lights of this past year:

Pixiedoll was a very special baby born in March.  For those of you who do not know the history of Pixiedoll, she was taken to specialists as an almost five week old pup 140gms. The one specialist advised me to put her to sleep, and did his best to insist, purely because of her being so small. His opinion was that she had problems, well I knew that, or she would not have been there in the first place, but he said severe problems, without even doing the necessary to see what was wrong. I however, was not prepared to euthanase a pup that had No diagnosis.. She was having mild fits and her nose periodically twitched something similar to a rabbits. She spent a day in that clinic and on collecting her, I returned home and  discussed her with Dr Garry Eckersley who put her straight onto homeopathic drugs, and we say a huge THANK YOU to him for saving her, as she is well and truly the most adorable little thing ever.  She is now 8 months of age, and a real fireball. Comes with speed when called, very loving and full of life. She lives a completely normal life, she has no major problems at all. Has a very small amount of homeopathic drugs daily, which I guess in time will be stopped. I am just so grateful that I did not give in under the pressure put on me to put her down. She is one very special tiny little yorkie.  Her diary appears on our BLOG day by day account. Visit our website.

Darling Little Sushi left for Dubai, when her human Dad, came all the way from Dubai to collect her. She is blessed with such wonderful human parents. Danielle and Jean-Marc, you really go that extra mile for your dogs. 

This year saw us with our first BIEWER YORKSHIRE  TERRIER a stunning little girl, excellent confirmation and type for a Biewer. She is on the small side. ANGEL is going to be a pocket not the tiny pocket, but nonetheless a POCKET size.  It was never my intention to become a BIEWER breeder, as my passion is for the YORKIE. I was approached by one of the Biewer folk to get involved.  The litter was born in March and Angel was one of four pups, two being girls. I was offered Angel - because of her size and I adore the smaller dogs.  We hopefully will have our first litter of Biewer pups in 2010. 

We also spayed some of our breeding girls,  that had reached the age that they need to enjoy life and lie on the bed or in the sun. We also rehomed the dogs that we purchased from the Kennel that needed assistance, well most of them. The Rescues with price tags.  They were just too big for me, they could also be fairly aggressive and it was not a pleasant experience when the one turned on her sister and killed her.  We have the old chap that is now 13, still here. Enjoying his golden years who was sterilized yesterday, he has never sired a litter with me, but I am taking no chances. Gigolo my stud of many, many years, was also sterilized yesterday.  His lines will live on in his son Jay and his daughter Tuti. 

I met Corlia and her lovely daughter in April after corresponding via Email for years, Corlia is another Yorkie fanatic – like us all. I would also like to thank Corlia for her regular correspondence and input for our newsletters and website,  regarding yorkies.

Marlene and her family from the Cape came to show us their Mijoy baby they had received some months before. We enjoyed seeing you folks and your adorable much loved yorkie. They placed an order for another baby in the future. 

Lynsey has her name down for another Mijoy yorkie,  has two little darlings already and waiting anxiously for her teacup baby to come along. 

Anne-Lee bought another two Mijoy yorkies – she already has one of our children. 

Our NEW website has taken off. The last one was a disaster from being hacked and server problems, and changing hosts which caused even further chaos with that service provider. The new Website people, have to be the best KWIKWAP, if you would like a website developed or change your existing hosts, I can assure you you will not regret moving to Kwikwap. I have not had one single problem – highly recommended, a pleasure to do business with.  Contact for further information.

Di Francis purchased another two of our babies and Deanna (Blingdog) who became a NEW mother to Grace her first baby,  also purchased yet another Mijoy yorkie to add to her much loved, totally spoilt yorkie clan. 

Monica in Kimberley adopted three of our large ( 2 Ex rescue Kennel) yorkie girls and has given then a wonderful home. We sincerely thank you Monica. Monica herself has just undergone knee replacement surgery during October, we wish her a speedy recovery. 

Jeanette from Klerksdorp has become a friend, she has yorkies at home and has now decided a teacup or small pocket would be a welcome addition to her yorkie family. Jeanette arranged for her daughter to adopt two really loveable Daschunds that we rescued, we say a big thank you for that. We get regular updates via Jeanette about Hazel and Peanut. 

Cynthia has a few very spoilt babies of her own, she has a Mijoy girl and has just ordered another Mijoy baby for her Mother as a surprise Christmas gift. One Mom that is going to have a lovely Christmas for sure…… 

If I have missed out anyone, please do not feel neglected, you folk are all too many to mention, and we really appreciate each and everyone of you. 

Not to forget we met Ferdie a real YORKIE lover…… he and his lovely wife are totally devoted to their little yorkie girl.



One of our excellent Yorkie owners for the past few years, Sue Wood passed away unexpectedly –  one of her wishes – that her dearly loved yorkie be returned to us.