Once again we are headed for a super holiday season.  Loads of people are headed to the coast and the coast people are normally headed to another coastal area and possibly even inland.  All having such fun and the time of their life..  Family gatherings – great fun.

Have you considered what happens to your four legged children????

Hopefully you have.  Once again we would ask all our readers to please be responsible pet owners.   Ensure if your animals are left on your property, that they are cared for by someone with knowledge, someone who will seek professional veterinary help if it is needed.

SO MANY people take on pets especially at this time of the year without thinking about the future. Cute little pup or gorgeous fluffy little kitten, lovely gift for whoever, but the responsibility of owning that little pup or kitten does not end when the holidays end.

We have done private rescue for many a year now.  We try to put the interested parties directly in touch with the owners of the pets needing homes.

However recently we took in a preggy cat that was very nearly put down.  There are far too many unwanted cats out there in the first place, so what chance does another pregnant cat have???

Yesterday we were contacted and asked if we would help out with three abandoned kittens.  They have to be around three weeks old. They cannot eat at this stage or use the sandbox so there mother has been involved with caring for her babies right up till the time they were removed, she has done a remarkable job.  If you are going to dump your unwanted kittens, why allow YOUR cat to have them in the first place.  If money is an issue why have a cat in the first place??? Maybe the kitten was a GIFT and your responsibility to your gift ended when the novelty of the gift wore off.

One has to take into consideration that animals lose their lives all the time as a result of being owned by some ANIMAL LOVER that does not take on the full responsibility of the animal concerned.

Amazing how many homes are offered to these kittens BUT the minute I mention, the sterilisation fee which will be reduced, will not be the normal rate, etc, the passion for owning a new bundle of fluff, is no longer so urgent. Will get back to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!  DO people honestly think we will pass on a kitten unsterilized, so they can love it till it too becomes a parent, so people in shelters etc can take responsibility for their irresponsibility.

I was shocked yesterday when three beautiful baby kittens were brought to me by a caring member of the public. These babies were not even in a box, but put into one of those cement rings in parking areas that are at the base of the tree.????????????  What a selfish, uncaring thing to do. Obviously the person who did this has NO heart.  To look at those little faces and realise if the person who heard their frantic cries, did not respond and take them into their factory shop and call us, who knows what could have happened to those precious kittens. AS they say every dog has their day and in this case I am sure every irresponsible pet owner will have theirs too.


You are an example to your children and grandchildren.  If you do not take responsibility for the animals you own, you are teaching the children in your life that this is an acceptable thing to do.  Don’t take over animals that you are not prepared to care for properly and ONLY take on pets if you believe they will have a FOREVER HOME in your care.

Thank YOU for your time....