Interesting medical information

Yesterday Saturday 25 July, we consulted with Dr Garry Eckersley.  Our main reason for the visit to Dr Eckersley was to have Pixiedoll examined.  She is doing very well, and he was very impressed with her she is now 4.5 months of age and weighs 600gms. So yes she will be a small little girl.  A lot of you folks know the story behind PIXIEDOLL,  at five weeks of age, Specialists advised me to have her put to sleep, basically because of her size and she had a health problem. Those specialists told me she would die, very soon after them having seen her. WELL, we then discussed this situation with Dr Eckersley who immediately put her onto homeopathic drugs - from that day to this, Pixiedoll has had no problems she was having prior to being medicated by Dr Eckersley.

We got onto discussing knee problems in the YORKIE, this is a HUGE problem with the yorkie and unfortunately most yorkies have this problem to some or other degree. We at Mijoy have been very fortunate and have had two obvious cases over the years.  Dr Eckersley went to great lengths to show us in a book, just what has happened to the yorkies knee joints over the years. Seemingly it is a major problem in most of the yorkie breed.

HOWEVER, what I found most interesting, he advised NOT to have a dog operated on unless, it could not walk.  So many people - I for one know of a woman with six or so yorkies that have all had the knee op - all from different breeders.
He says the only way to sort the knee problem out and then it will only be improved by 50%,  is to have major surgery on the dogs knees. This he maintains is very painful, and the dog will only improve by 50%, it will never sort the problem 100%. He also went onto say, that only three Specialists in SA do this op the correct way.

SO should you be suffering with this problem, or should I say a beloved yorkie of yours, think twice before having any op done on those knees.  As long as the dog can walk, leave well alone.

If you have any concerns of any kind with a dog, cat, consult with Dr Eckersley, He is based in Kyalami, is a Specialist Veterinary Physician. I have taken my problem cases to him over the years, and am amazed at the results, he obtains.

Another thing which could be of interest to you, he deals with LIVER SHUNTS, if your dog has a liver shunt, it is not necessarily a death sentence as so many dog owners are advised - 

He works miracles with pets - he can be contacted on 011 702 1957