Jumbalina returns update 27 October 2015

HI there all you nature lovers.

An egyptian gosling was seen on our driveway in 2013 surrounded by a few cats. My young granddaughter rushed outside to do the rescue.


She called the Gosling JUMBO and the only way we could raise JUMBO was to buy two baby chicks, which we did.  Jumbo and those chicks grew up to adulthood and when all were fully feathered they were realeased into our bird area.


The first pic above is taken the day Rhaene rescued the gosling from a few cats.  The second pic above  taken just before she flew off not to return.  When she grew up it was quite normal for her to go off and return but then came the  day she did not return  and I had told Rhaene it would only be a matter of time till she left to join her kind in nature.  My Granddaughter had a hard time coming to terms with this and when she would visit regularly she would ask about Jumbo.  Which had a name change as by the call  we realised JUMBO was in actual fact Jumbalina.



The duck in the pic with her above, is once again in most pics I have taken on the 25th - she clearly remembers the bond they shared at that time, it is also very obvious that the  red bill recognises her as well

Below JUMBALINA sharing a meal with a peacock

Her constant companion the red bill - this clearly proves they do not forget


At my feet

Feeling very AT HOME...


Thank you for your time, hope this walk down memory lane was a beautiful experience for you as it has been for us being part of this amazing birds life since 2013.

This is the 4th day JUMBALINA remains visiting us.