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I want to buy a yorkie, have visited many Breeders, but am petrified of buying an unhealthy dog. My sister purchased a yorkie and she lost it in the first year.  I also would like a very small yorkie if at all possible. Can you assist?



Hello Heidi.  I unfortunately do not get involved with other breeders as such. I keep a closed Kennel, meaning, I do not do stud work for Breeders, and I also sell only for PETS. I do not want my dogs having litter after litter. I want them to be spoilt and allowed to sleep on beds and couches etc. 


I know the story with sick dogs and dying in the first year, it has happened to me as well with dogs I have purchased.  I am inundated with orders for Teacup dogs, and the small pockets.  A number of my orders are repeat business. 


All I can suggest is sign a contract with the Breeder concerned, always a good idea. Find out what health guarantees the dog carries, IF ANY???? The yorkie is known for certain Breed problems, eg Fluxating (luxating) patella (moving Knee caps) I doubt if any breeder will compensate you, or guarantee that, as it is a very common problem with the yorkie. NONE of the dogs that I have personally owned over the last 30 years have been operated on for this problem.


All I can suggest is go and visit your choice of Breeder, ask to view the dogs, etc, do not accept seeing one or two, big mistake. Ask to see them all. I have no problem with people viewing ALL my dogs, at any one time. The only time I have a problem with people coming to see me, is when they are WINDOWSHOPPING.  No intention of buying, and nothing better to do. 


You mentioned in your mail, that you came across pups with ringworm. Unfortunately that can and is a problem. Some people make the excuse of it being ECZEMA????,  ask them to have a written report on the pup concerned, from the vet, stating that the skin problem is not contagious and that it is in fact eczema and not RINGWORM…. Some folk talk about fungal infection, what on earth do they think ringworm is??? IF you happen to visit a breeder with an obvious skin problem, do not go near another breeder, before you have bathed – had a change of clothing, and sterilised your shoes. Reputable breeders are very FUSSY, we do not approve of the public as such handling our pups or dogs, you are welcome to view them all, but with your eyes. We take precautions on behalf of our animals. We do not want to take the chance of anyone passing on, anything to our dearly loved dogs. IF anyone has ringworm in their animals or home, they should have the decency NOT to visit Breeders.  Make sure you deal with a responsible breeder and an ethical one at that. . 


Breeders with a good reputation should happily answer all your questions (IF they can not – your decision whether you continue doing business with them or not). By asking the questions and hearing the answers you can draw your own conclusions as to whether it is a good or bad idea to buy their pups.  A reputable breeder should also ask you what you want to purchase a yorkie for? Breeding, pet, ???? If you have experience with the breed etc? If they do not enquire you must ask yourself why??? You will get a very good idea of the Breeders knowledge, by seeing the dogs, they own, if they are home reared, or kennel reared. Are the dogs playful, well cared for, or skittish and nervy. Every picture tells a story. Ask the Breeder concerned how long they have been breeding etc. Breeding healthy, quality yorkies or any animal for that matter, takes more, than having a handful of dogs, and letting them do their own thing.. Don’t be put off visiting certain kennels because of gossip, draw your own conclusions. Every story has two sides to it.


The size of the pup as well, a good few breeders out there bad mouth the tiny yorkies. I used to have a problem with that, but no more. In a lot of cases some of those tiny yorkies do have issues with health. Insist on a contract, and know your rights if you should purchase a pup with problems, where do you stand. What health problems will the breeder take responsibility for?  Only yesterday, a gentleman contacted me to place an order for a teacup, He has been in contact with me for a few months. His dearly beloved yorkie although 2.2kg has been ill since the beginning, and it was truly a very much loved pet, it passed on earlier this week.


I try and make my website as informative as possible to help anyone who is looking for answers or who needs assistance. We are more than happy to be of any assistance to anyone who asks and we are more than happy to answer any questions the public may have.




To: joyce

Sent: Saturday, October 10, 2009 12:26 PM



Hi Joyce,


i thought i would drop you an email and check if you are feeling better? i also wanted to tell you that you came to my mind last night as i could not sleep and decided to go on your website. i realised that i truly salute you, for your love for what you do. you take time out of your busy life as i know you have babies all needing your attention. to answer peoples questions by which people have peace of mind knowing that they have an answer to something that is on their minds.

 you help all of us yorkie freaks know a yorkie without even owning one.

you were not well but your newsletter went out on time. i really do commend you on your dedication to what you do so well.


kind regards






Hi Miryana

Thank you for your kind words. Tickbite fever is never pleasant but I got over it in record time. The baby you ordered will hopefully be born in the next week or two.

Speak soon.

Kind Regards




To: Mijoy Yorkies

Sent: Thursday, October 15, 2009 10:57 AM

Subject: KENO


Hi Joyce,


just wanted to let you know that Keno is doing great. He eats very well - has a great appetite! Sleeps right through the night, no problem there!

He is very very playful, and is already so attached to me. He sleeps with a t-shirt of mine because he wants to feel I am near!

Have a great day.


Thank you // Dankie




Hi Danica

So glad you are happy with your teacup child.

Kind regards