I received a call this week (10/11/2010)from Janice.  Janice has two of our Yorkies, which she adores. She does have one regret however, that she never got YORKIES many years ago……..  YORKIES are very special children.

Janice enquired about keeping a parrot with her two Yorkies. Her friend had warned her it could be a problem.  They are after all terriers.

To put Janice’s mind at rest, I told her my dogs, have grown up with Parrots, and rescues that have come along and stayed or moved onto new homes have also learned to live with Parrots.

We have had a macaw quite a number of years ago, but she needed a husband and we sadly let her go to make a happy family. We then had a Moluccan Cockatoo – who was NEVER in his cage, night or day, he was a stunning parrot, but then one day after being with us for a good many years, discovered he could screech and screech he did. So much so that we could not speak on the phone. Sadly our beautiful boy also was moved on to an aviary with a wife and hope of a future family.


We have two Congo African Greys and Baby, a lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, zzzzzzzzzzzzDSC05437.jpg this Cockatoo type is on the sities list as being an endangeredspecies. These three parrots are out of their cages all day. Enjoy life with the Yorkies and the odd cat who happens to pass their way. They spend most of the time on top of their cages, and they have destroyed nothing in our home - possibly as a result of being very occupied with all the goings on. Baby the Cockatoo, does periodically climb down onto the floor and help herself to a dog’s toy that may be in easy reach.  The dogs are more than surprised at that, and stand watching with amazement as their toy is taken by a BIRD of all things.

I do believe you can teach your dog to accept anything provided you know how.

Again I must refer to the program currently seen on DSTV the Dog Whisperer who is most certainly gifted with working with dogs.

The answer to training your dog’s boils down to one thing, the Owner that shows no anger, no fear and is very calm and collected and that the dogs see as the Pack Leader.

IF you feel you will not be successful and we have had a few people over the years contacting us about their Yorkies and their cats or wanting a kitten with a yorkie. We have discussed this a few times . The mails may very well still be on this site under FAQ’s or on the BLOG… 

Call in a PROFESSIONAL details of the one associated with MIJOY appear on this site. 

Best of luck Janice. Go for it. Your yorkie kids will be just fine with the new addition. Just monitor carefully, and when you are not home keep POLLY in a cage, until you are confident no problem will arise