Rehoming your unwanted pet...............

Where does your responsibility lie as a pet owner, and to what lengths should you go???? 

Well you may not particularly like this article and I do not like particularly writing it, but some people just do not think of the future......  You purchase a pup, it is just so cute, and so much fun, it is naughty but then again nice. You are over the moon with your puppy, and the sky is the limit. Down the road, the cute, fun loving, naughty little pup is older and not that much fun anymore. It digs, it chews, it is just too much to cope with. You feel you should not have got the pup in the first place. The pup is now at the age it should be sterilised, why bother? Further down the road, you really have had enough and you decide to sell this irritating young adult dog.

Now you paid a fairly high price for it, and money is important, you do not want to lose out, so what better way than to advertise it as a breeding opportunity, this way, you will get your money, you will be shot of the dog, and the person you have sold it to is eager to BREED…. 

Is your conscience clear????  Did you do right by this dog,  that was so important to you that you purchased it in the first place? Did you not think of the future this young adult dog could end up having, going from person to person, backyard breeder to backyard breeder, because a proper breeder with a good reputation would not be buying any breeding opportunity you may have had on offer.

This is seen repeatedly, when a poor dog is passed on from home to home, and then again.

Did you do right by this dog ?    NO….. 

If you do find yourself in an unfortunate situation where you purchased a pup and then realised it was a mistake – before rehoming or parting with the pup, sterilise it.  It costs money, agreed but you bought the pup in the first place. You need to take the responsibility of your actions.  The dog being sterilised ensures that it has a better chance of obtaining a permanent home, and not going from person to person.

If you feel, well I have got shot of it now – who cares, well you have to live with yourself, don’t you….. ??????????