Suitable pup for my 6 month old baby???

I was contacted yesterday by a Lady asking whether a Biewer or Yorkie would be a better choice of dog for her 6 month old baby. Her comment to me that the 6 month old is just a baby - and will pull and tug at the fur. What if she is not around or the Granny is not around and the dog snaps at the baby?????

NO small dog irrespective of breed is going to accept abuse by a baby or child, without at some or other time snapping and biting.  I had a rescue yorkie returned because according to the new owner, it was biting their child??? Funny the dog never bit my 2 and 4 year old grandchildren before and on being returned did not bite them either???? makes you think?????
The moral to this STORY.... do not allow any baby, toddler or child to abuse your dog/puppy or pets. I do not think you would continually like your hair being pulled and that goes for any animal as well. I think we would also bite eventually if given the opportunity.  The only dog I can safely say may allow this and please note the "MAY" would be a labrador, however having said that, NO animal should have to be subjected to this treatment, if the parent or caregiver can not take the necessary steps to ensure this does not happen. DO NOT GET A DOG.