What lengths will you go to for your DOG - Pet ?????

 Dear Joyce


What are the 4 yorkies needing homes - are they adults and what size are they? 

I went for Milly's 3rd follow up consultation with Dr Eckersley on Saturday.  He is so pleased with her and said Milly is looking really good. Now I just have to wean her off the medication slowly, over a course of 3 months, monitoring her to ensure that the reduction in medication doesn't bring on any episodes of vomiting and upset tummies.  Dr Eckersley has brought back the spring in Milly's life, she's now once again bounding around and happy and enthusiastic for her walks. Before seeing Dr Eckersley she was acting like an old woman and look so lacklustre and struggled on her walks and needed to be picked up.  I'm so happy about this and I see Dr Eckersley as Milly's "Knight in Shining Armour" and mine. I love Milly so much and she's had such a traumatic introduction to life as her previous owners abused and malnourished her, so she deserves the best. And it's thanks to you that referred me to Dr Eckersley.

 Kindest regards



Thanks Lisa, it is people like yourself, that make this world a better place, so many dog owners, will not spend an extra cent on their animals, let alone, go out of their way going for second and third opinions.

The above letter comes from Lisa, who adopted an abused yorkie,(not from our rescue) Milly had problems with vomiting and running stomach for a considerable time, and was treated by other vets and it would appear, Dr Eckersley has once again, come to the rescue.


I have referred a good few people to Dr Eckersley over the years, and a lot oohhh and aaaaahhhh - and make excuses BUT if you really want to get to the bottom of your dogs problems, in order that your pet and yourself can enjoy a better life, consult with Dr Eckersley, you will not be sorry.  

If I had listened to vets, specialists in the past that predicated death, doom and disaster, I would have suffered a lot more heartache than was necessary. 

Late November saw us again with four yorkies needing homes. It was with mixed feelings that we left, after meeting all four dogs.  We took one to meet up with another yorkie lover, who has a Mijoy yorkie, his Mom has also recently bought a Mijoy yorkie – both very much loved dogs.  The Son was interested in adopting a yorkie as a friend for his dog.  He was concerned over certain health issues, that had been overlooked on the dog. Rescues sadly have the odd problem, the reason they are rescues. 

We feel very strongly about people buying dog after dog, and then there is a problem where the dog needs medical assistance, then they have zippo finances, they can not afford this or that, and the dog is just left.????? I can not accept that type of attitude from any dog owner, on any animal. If you bought the dog, it is your responsibility to see ALL its needs are met.  I get mails from people begging me for a FREE yorkie???? They have always wanted one, but can not afford the prices they sell for today.  If they can not afford the dog, if the dog SHOULD hit a medical problem down the road, can they afford to sort the dogs medical problems out? “OR” will it be ditched, and on its way to the next home????  I worked years ago with an SPCA on a volunteer basis. I used to hear the stories, how all of a sudden the owners were leaving the country, or moving house, and the staff used to say – yes, another one.  I thought it was a very NEGATIVE attitude they had, but after seeing it myself, time and time again, and mostly when the animals needs medical attention, all of a sudden the owner has a medical problem themselves, etc, or they are financially tight, leaving the country or moving into a flat.  The SPCA officials would say, next year they will buy more dogs, and two, three years down the road, it will be the same story all over again.  One woman was heard to say, it is cheaper to buy another dog than to medically treat your existing dog.  Just as well humans do not adopt that attitude, she may be 6 foot under at this stage. These words came out of a highly educated woman’s mouth??????   

We urge you the public to take your time and think long and hard before buying ANY animal.  ALL animals take money, effort and your time, to give them the life they deserve.  We see it repeatedly, where people rush out buy animals, and then they require more than the owner is prepared to give, and they are kicked to the curb, for a want of a better term.  I get asked how can people do that to a YORKIE of all dogs? SOME people will do anything to any animal, when it starts taking up their time and hitting their pocket.  My answer - do not start in the first place with pets.  I heard only yesterday, that the SPCA in the Vaal triangle is going to close down??  I am not sure if this is so, but the Lady telling me seemed sure it was the case. 

Some Breeders, are also to blame to a very large degree. If you are on the market to buy a yorkie, and you phone around, how many of the breeders actually ask you why you want a yorkie??? ONE, none?  The Breeders out there that are reputable and actually care about their animals, their animals puppies, etc, WILL ask you. They will want to know, because they will not want their pups, ending up in a puppy mill, or the likes. They will want to do their utmost to ensure, their puppies have wonderful homes. They sadly are the one’s you can count on your hand.  Animal breeding is a huge MONEY making business, and the one’s sadly making the money are the one’s that do the minimum for their animals, because the reputable breeder, does not rush out and sell their pups the same day or same week they are born. They do not breed to make a living. They do not have to hound people into buying their pups. Their pups are in demand. 

Often I am asked why I do not sell to Breeders, as I myself am a breeder. Good question. A lot of people asking for my dogs, Breeders, are very good Dog owners themselves, but what happens to their pups???? Are they fussy who buys those dogs? So many people buy yorkies from breeders, and they are told nothing about the dog, how to rear it, to sterilize it, the benefits of sterilizing it. How often do you see adverts, excellent breeding dog ?????  This weekend I heard of a yorkie pup that was bought. The new owner had never had a dog before – no assistance from the Breeder, no diet sheet, NOTHING a week later the dog is dead. 

Sorry to lay a heavy, but if everyone buying a dog, as a pet, sterilized it, the population explosion in animals in general would be very much less than what it is at present. So many people buy a yorkie, then another, have a litter, and then it carries on. It sometimes works out well, other times, caesars, deaths etc occur and then the dogs are a problem and have to go.  


I met a woman in the Mall two or so years ago. I had a yorkie with me in a carrier with her newborn pups – I had just been to the vets and needed something urgently at the shops. My Yorkie Mother had just had a Caesar. The Lady I was talking to, knew me and had met some of my dogs, as some go shopping periodically. She asked to see the mom and babies. The very same time, a client in the shop, came over to take a look, and said her sister was also a breeder. A breeder of toy poms. The real tiny one’s.  My Mother dog was a normal sized breeding bitch, not tiny at all. I asked her if she did not have a lot of caesars,  as mine even a 3kg dog, sometimes has a Caesar, her reply  “NO, My sister, leaves them, if they can not give birth, they die and she just buys a new dog for breeding.  The Caesars cost too much money”.  Both myself and the Lady I had been speaking to were dumb struck.  I wished I had never heard that, because it worried me for a very long time to come. 

I also had the experience while volunteering at an Animal Shelter, of a member of the public coming in, with a tiny and I mean tiny dog, in a basket with two pups lying beside her and some other thing???  The Manager and full time staff took one look at this and left the office. I had the task of sorting this person out.  The dog a Chihuahua had given birth two days earlier, she was waiting for the “THING” to go, or who knows what, she was actually waiting for.   She said she no longer wanted the dog, or her pups and left. The staff had actually left because they said they would have strangled her if they stayed around.  I at that stage, took the dog and her babies to my own vet. He injected her and in no time her uterus, (yes her womb) shriveled up and went back into her insides. The dog was 12 years of age. The father of the pups a normal sized maltese. The mother dog, had had to push so hard, to produce her babies, that she pushed her womb out in the process. One can only imagine, the pain she suffered. 

Once you have seen things like this you think long and hard about what happens to your pups. I have heard of people going away for a weekend and coming back to find their yorkie who the Maid was caring for, dead under the bed, trying to give birth.

I also know of two cases, where a yorkie gave birth, two different people, one is a breeder, the other is not, the yorkies gave birth, a pup was retained, and the mother ended up dying as a result.  We went on to rescue two of these yorkies from the non-breeder when she beat her two yorkies, for killing a baby turkey. 

PLEASE remember, all animals, need their vaccinations, regular deworming. They need their teeth seen to, and they need to be sterilized.  Sterilised animals lead a far healthier, stress free life, and a much more stress free life for the owner as well.  The YORKIE, is a high maintenance dog. The coat alone, needs constant grooming by you, or the dog needs regular visits to the doggy parlour. They demand attention, and enjoy being part of a family. They do not need to be treated as some discarded toy and left outside to do their own thing. They develop a very strong bond with their owners, They do tend to have teeth problems, and that means, regular visits to the vet, to ensure healthy gums and teeth. If the teeth are not cared for and maintained properly, like any animal, in time, they will hit health problems as a result.

If you purchase a dog for a child, make sure your child has respect for that pup. Children that do not know how to handle dogs, end up with snappy – unhappy dogs, and that is not a pleasant situation to find ones self with.  You as the parent, are the caregiver of any animal, no child irrespective of age, should carry the responsibility of the wellbeing of any animal without parents intervention.  The TINY yorkies are not for any child, irrespective of how well behaved that child may be. My own granddaughters are excellent with animals BUT they are watched constantly when handling my dogs. 

Lets make a quality decision to start 2010 off as the year of great beginnings – not only for ourselves, but for the pets we are honoured to own.