Why have MIJOY pups and dogs been micro chipped for a good few years?

MY beginning with MICRO CHIPPING my animals…..


16 or so years ago, we bought an Afghan, a breed of dog I had admired tremendously over the years. They were hard to find and when eventually I tracked a puppy down, it was a top quality pup and one well worth showing. 

My vet was the first person to ever mention micro chipping, Justin.  He was firstly a quality dog, secondly a dog I intended showing, therefore he would be traveling, those were good enough reasons to warrant him being chipped.

Years later I volunteered at an SPCA, nothing is not micro chipped at an SPCA.  I never micro chipped my pups I bred until something out of the ordinary happened which made me decide to micro chip all my dogs and pups.

A good few years ago, I had a litter of pups and they went to good homes. As always I instruct the buyers that should anything go wrong, I want to be the first person to know. We take the breeding of our dogs very seriously, and although we cannot say we never will breed a sick dog, we do our utmost to prevent it from happening.  The pups from the litter were sold and I made follow up calls and the one buyer was discussing vets etc and mentioned to me who her vet was – he, she believed was brilliant with Yorkies, so anyone in her area looking for a good vet, she strongly recommended him.  Often I am asked about which vet is good etc. Months went past and out of the blue I got this call from a lady, she had purchased my pup and it had died from liver disease. What liver disease I asked? She would not say but said she would like a replacement pup. She just had no luck with Yorkies. The first one died from heart disease, the second from a brain tumour and now, this her third and it too had died but now from liver problems.  I was quite surprised, and asked her who her vet was, NO that was not important, the important thing, I replace the puppy. I enquired further and she was most evasive and went on and on how she had had enough of all these sickly dogs.  I have been involved with the breed for 30 plus years and for one person to have all these problems in three dogs, when I have not had these problems in 30 something years, I thought this just cannot be.  I thought about it for a while and went into my paperwork, there written in large letters her vets name and number.  She would not give me his details so I contacted him. Yes she had had two dogs that had died, the heart dog was very old and had lived a good life, the brain tumour, well that happened as well some three or so years before, but he had not heard of a dog with a liver problem. Maybe she had that dog to another vet, but he was as far as he knew her only vet.  I explained my situation and that she had a yorkie of mine that had died from liver disease and I gave him all the details from the info on my paperwork.  Strangely enough the only yorkie she still had, had the same name as the one that I had the paperwork for. She was still very much alive, and whats more, the vet even commented on my paperwork I supply with my pups, informing of all the do’s and don’ts etc.  There was no mistaking it, him and I were talking about the same dog.   I do not take people complaining about my dogs lightly, the reason I investigated further.  It was as a result of this incident that I started micro chipping all my dogs and pups. I also started selling them with contracts, advising the buyer that should the pup at any stage suffer with ill health, we would want to know. Our pups we guarantee against heart and liver disease.

We do promote the use of micro chipping pets.  In case of theft, or loss.  Also against those not so honest folk out there.  If an animal is chipped, nothing can be changed, not the age or the parentage.

HOWEVER, very important because your pet is micro chipped do not assume you will never have it stolen. We hear regularly of Yorkies especially,  being stolen, never to be seen or heard of again. ONE good thing if ever you come across your stolen pet, easy enough to have it identified as yours, if it is micro chipped.