Choosing the sex of your puppy? CONFUSED, UNDECIDED?? read on..........

Juliet versus ROMEO…..

Choosing the sex of your puppy.  Most people prefer females, they are easier to rear or are they?  The males fight or do they?

A puppy irrespective of sex must be sterilized.  It is far easier and less expensive to neuter a pup than to spay.  In my 30 years involvement with the Breed I have yet to come across a real fighter of a male but female I have found numerous.

Males, people feel lift their legs however, if the pup is neutered at an early age, 4 to six months – can be younger, the male will not lift his leg but squat like a female. The marking territory only comes into play with sexually mature dogs and when females are on heat.  One can keep numerous males together if they are neutered.  A lot of people feel if you have a male you have to have a female. Not so…. I as a Breeder of many years have quite a selection of Yorkies.  They are not kenneled.  The boys of which there are a fair number have yet ever to fight ??????  Believe it or not.  But the girls now that is another story.  When I leave home certain girls are separated from the pack or trust me there will be consequences to face on my return home.  Yorkies are known to pack and can kill

Males have the most sweet, loving, adoring temperaments.  Females are also very loving etc but the BITCH part does come out every now and then. My husband, although very fond of the girls, has always maintained the boys are extra special.

I myself have sold numerous males to clients who only wanted girls and to date have not had one complaint.

The problem people experience is simply they buy a male, they do not neuter him, they bring in another dog be it male or female and the dog feels threatened so the fun starts. The male plays up, starts urinating all over and then of course….. It’s the fact that it’s a male that’s the problem - when in actual fact it’s the owners fault.  NEUTER, NEUTER, NEUTER.  Your pets will be far happier and content, they will not be as temperamental when another pet joins the family. They will not have sexual urges so their disposition will be fairly stable. Do not wait till you have a problem until you neuter, prevention is better than cure, and if you are reading this article and have a problem with an unsterilized male, consult your vet, he/she more than likely will recommend sterilization of your pet

Lastly consider ROMEO - he did it for Juliet….I promise he will do it for you…… (but Neuter) 



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