Complexes and rules regarding PETS..........

 Can you help? I was referred to you by Sarah that has a pup of yours. We bought a townhouse recently, and prior to us signing, we enquired if we were allowed to keep a dog. The seller came to light with the rules and regulations of the complex. We then proceeded to sign and I could not wait to move in and get my beloved yorkie.


A week after we moved in I was walking my yorkie pup on the grass verge, when a lady stopped and asked me if I was not aware of the NO PET POLICY of the complex. I advised her we had a copy of the rules and went into the property to get the copy we were given by the Seller. The copy we had was the original, but there had been an amendment in the meantime and they stopped allowing pets. Seemingly the very reason the previous owner sold. So to put it mildly, they did us a real dirty.  Selling right now is no option for us, it is not financially viable, so I have to rehome my yorkie pup and fast. The Breeder we acquired her from, will not help us, and has made it pretty clear it is not her problem. Can you help me?

Many thanks

L J V.



We are happy to say we have assisted Laura in finding a buyer for her yorkie pup.