My life without my PUMPUM...........

I had a treasured little yorkie Pumpum. Where the name came from I have no idea, but the minute I looked into those baby brown eyes, out came the word Pumpum and the name stayed. I owned this little yorkie for 8 fun filled years. One day she died, very sudden, totally unexpected. She was on my bed covered with her own baby blanket as always, it was mid winter and it was pretty cold, we had a heater in the room. I awoke that morning, as usual got out of bed to head for the bathroom, and Pumpum would normally raise her head look at me and go back to sleep. This particular day Pumpum did not react to me getting out of bed, and I thought she was possibly in a very deep sleep.  I decided a nice hot bath would be a good idea and I ran my bath and spoilt myself by adding some lavender bath oil to the warm running water. I spent half an hour in the bath, relaxing and planning my day ahead. I got out of the bath and put on my robe, and headed for the kitchen to make a cup of tea. I then wondered where on earth Pumpum was. I wandered back to the room, and found her in exactly the same position. I called out her name and that would normally have her bouncing up, I pulled back the baby blanket and my world came crashing down. Pumpum was dead.  She was stiff so she had died a good while back.  I was gutted.  I lost my husband the year before, my one and only child a son, at 33 years of age had moved overseas, and here I was very much on my own and my one and only treasure remaining with me was no more.

I began to cry uncontrollably and the entire day slipped away. That night I still found myself in my gown, in my room, Pumpum still on the bed. I had not eaten all day, I had done nothing all day, other than cry, cry and cry some more. 


It took many months for me to get over the death of my Pumpum. Some days I was fine and tried my best to be happy and cheerful and other days I would be in the depths of despair, wondering where my motivation would come from to go on another day.  I only had the one pet, and had never been back to the vet. Someone I had called on often, to get treats, and toys and the odd chew for Pumpum. I had actually forgotten completely about the vet.  The post arrived and in it came the card telling me it was time for Pumpum’s yearly check up shot and deworming.  Once again, I found myself full of despair and absolutely miserable. I was to celebrate my 60th birthday in a week’s time, and dreaded the thought of that.   My birthday arrived and my son called from overseas wishing me for my special day, I then told him of Pumpum. I just had not had the strength to tell him before. The sound in his voice once again, sent me over the top – all he could say was how sorry he was for me, and that PUMPUM was my anchor. He then suggested I sell up and move over and live with him, there was a unit close to his that he was considering purchasing as an investment. He was extremely happy with his unit, possibly he should go ahead and look into purchasing that unit and I could live there.

This was a massive step for me. I was a South African through and through. I was the original farm girl, with the cows, the sheep and the goats. I was the one who loved the wide open spaces, I was the one who loved South Africa.  Could I make that change, such a drastic change?  I was still mulling over this when the phone rang, it was the vet’s receptionist saying, they had not seen me in months, and they were expecting to see me after sending out Pumpums card for her annual checkup, in no time I was in floods of tears, and the receptionist could barely make out what I was saying.   The following day I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the Vet saying just how sorry they were at my loss.  I was once more engulfed in sadness, despair.  The post that day contained a postcard from an Estate Agent saying they were looking for property in my area, and offered a free valuation. I made the call, they came around and offered me what I considered to be a very good price that the property would fetch. I had always been very house proud.  The client came around and that night I was sitting with an offer in my hand. I called my son, he was elated. Mom sign and get here asap, I have bought your home for you. Two apartments from mine. You will just love it Mom. It has a small garden, your name is on it MOM. Get here asap.

That night for the first time since Pumpums passing I felt relieved. Relieved that my life was now changing, a new beginning, closing the door on a good few chapters of my life. The time that Theo left for overseas was very hard, but I had Pumpum and Jim, when Jim died unexpectedly from a heart attack it was hard but I had Pumpum. When Pumpum died unexpectedly it was hard, very hard, I had nothing left in South Africa.  Now with the sale of my property on hand, I had a new beginning to look forward to.

The sale of the property went through in record time. I bought new luggage, I sold a lot of my personal belongings and my furniture and goods from my home of many, many years. It would only be me, I needed the bare minimum. I told Theo I would invest in the property he had purchased for me. He would not hear of it, and told me to invest my money.  I boarded the plane that Friday afternoon, turned and looked back at the land I had loved since a child. I was leaving and it would be very unlikely that I would ever return.

The flight left SA and I was half relieved but a sense of loss once again crept over me. I prayed that GOD would see me through, that he would give me the strength to start again, this time with no feelings of loss. I wanted to leave the sadness in SOUTH AFRICA and start afresh in England.

The plane landed and not long thereafter I noticed Theo and his girlfriend waving to me.  The girlfriend was an on off situation that had been going on for a good few months. This time it was an on thing, and the girlfriend had a ring on her finger. Theo had never gone into much detail, he was not the type to write or phone that much, I just knew there was a girlfriend, that was on and off, and he loved her dearly. She was not ready to settle down, the reason for the on and off affair. Theo was all for settling down. 

We got the luggage and went to a restaurant for a bite to eat.  The girlfriend was charming, lovely, such a warm hearted person, someone I would have loved to have had as a daughter.  I could see what attracted Theo to her. The days became weeks and the weeks became months, and we all were very happy. I had my own apartment, beautiful indeed. Theo and Ann were planning their wedding, everything was wonderful.   They were to honeymoon away for a period of three weeks, and at this stage I again realised I would be totally alone.   A week before the wedding was my birthday, and they arranged a lovely outing for me. The theatre, the restaurant and then we went to get my present.  Well I really had no idea what to expect. Theo and Ann were kindness itself. They made me feel so welcome, and were always so concerned for me. I was very blessed to have them in my life. We arrived at a small gift shop selling towels, soaps, perfumes, bath salts, stuff to spoil yourself with. Ann knew the lady well, who excused herself and went to the back. She returned with a box, covered in pink, with a massive pink bow on the top. She told me to take a seat and handed me the box.  She told me to be very careful, it was breakable, she stood close by as I lifted the lid, and inside the box, was the tiniest little YORKIE, I had ever seen. The owner of that shop was a good friend of Ann’s Mom, she had a yorkie that had pups, and when Ann dropped past and told her of my Pumpum and how heartbroken I was – she said I just had to have a pup. 

The wedding was fast approaching, and my concern was for my new baby.  Theo and Ann said no problem at all and handed me the fanciest doggy bag I have ever seen. It looked exactly like a handbag but there was mesh for the pup to get fresh air and view the world on the quite.

The wedding was a lovely affair, limited guests as Theo did not have that many friends in London and Ann did not want a big wedding.  It was a quiet intimate affair. Boobu was in attendance.

They went off on honeymoon, and on their return we all lived quite happily for a year plus.

Once again I am a very happy person. I have a wonderful son, a wonderful daughter-in-law a little yorkie girl Boobu and in the fall I will become a GRANNY,   Life could not be better……….