Sushi in Dubai - latest update 8 October 2009

Dearest Joyce,
As promised we just had a little 'photo-shoot' with our precious girl Sushi :)  She is really incredibly beautiful, even more so in real life, and as u always used to say to me, the photos dont do her TINY frame and size justice, she really is the size of a large hamster or small guinea pig right now!!  VERY VERY SMALL, and incredibly cute, with a stunning little temperament to match :)  Truly, she is just PERFECT and we love her like a child!
Levi and her get along like a house on fire, so we really couldnt have asked for anything more!!  They get up to mischief together as well, but respond so well to commands, so they really r a pleasure in our life!!  Sushi, although not close to what Callico was like, is absolutely beautiful and I actually never ever have compared them, like ppl often do when they mourn the loss of a precious animal and 'replace' them for another!  Sushi has just brought such joy to us and she continues to do so, and as I said, although her character is completely diff to Calli, she is WONDERFUL, so THANK-YOU :) :)
Hope you like these and can use some of them for your website and blog, I have included ones of her looking to the side and at a few funny angles, just so u can get an idea of how lovely her coat is looking :) :)  The ones of her on the couch, although not the best, show how tiny she is quite well, so that is why I included them!!
We weighed her yesterday and she was exactly 7 MONTHS old, she was 810 grams, so I do not see her getting THAT MUCH BIGGER, so YAY, our little miss is indeed a beloved and rare TEACUP!!
Hope u r well!
Best regards, and pls letme know what u think of her, i love hearing what you and others have to say!  She is a celebrity here as well :)