TOPKNOT BOWS - quality at affordable prices...

Special offer on TOPKNOT BOWS…… For this month only – October we are offering you 6 bows – postage and packaging at our expense for the sum of R200-00. If you are uncertain with the terms used for your Yorkies size, eg, teacup, pocket, miniature (which is 2.5 – 3kg plus) standard, please send us the weights of your dogs. You are welcome to mix the sizes if you have more than one dog. If you have never done topknots on your YORKIES before, maybe this is the time to start…. We can supply larger bands for the beginner if required. (One will be fitted to bow) All bows are fitted with two imported bands to attach to the dogs topknot. If your dog is not accustomed to having a bow you can train it quite easily. Just monitor your dog initially and if you feel it will remove the bow, then only use when you are there to keep an eye. Some dogs are very well behaved and others well????? Please be aware that bows can be harmful if swallowed. To place your order kindly advise us of the following: Male or female, colours of choice (more than one ) The size of your dog, and this is of utmost importance. We supply bows according to the size of your dog. You do not want a huge bow that looks like a cap and you do not want a tiny little bow that looks like a dot either. We offer the sparkle finish, optional extra at NO extra cost. It will not come off with use. These bows are hand crafted and sewn and stiffened, to ensure you have a lengthy use period.

Please handle bows with care.